It's Great To Be Back!

The 38th Annual Holiday Invitational Tournament is ready to go, and day one (November 24th) is right around the corner! But don't worry, we've got you covered... you can find all of the key information right here on hitmke.org - and if any questions come up, just contact us and we'll set you on the right path. We look forward to seeing you there!

The 2016 H.I.T. Official Rules

2016 H.I.T. Official Rules PDF (~233k) DOWNLOAD

This document is provided in .PDF format and last updated on 11-2015. Please note: Rules for this tournament are subject to change. A copy of any rule changes will be available at registration.

This Year's Theme

The 2016 Theme is "H.I.T. 38!". See our artwork below!

This Year's Prizes and Awards

Scratch Masters

There will be six people advancing in each division based on total scratch scores from the singles and doubles portion of the tournament. Prize will be total of all entries received per division minus trophies and linage.

This Year's Handicaps

Tournament Handicap

The handicap for the Tournament shall be based on 90% of the difference of the bowler's entering average and a scratch score of 225. Negative handicaps will not apply.

Senior Handicap Division

We are offering a senior handicap division. The entry fee is $15.00. We will offer prizes based on total pins with handicap for the (9) game series bowled in Singles, Doubles and Team events. The prize fund will be based on 1:10 ratio. You will compete against bowlers in your own age bracket. To be eligible to enter you must be at least 50 years of age by November 24, 2016. Legal proof of age (driver's license, state ID) required at time of check in. It is up to the bowler to check the Senior Handicap box and show proof of age at check in. Only bowlers that meet the criteria will be considered for prizes for the event. Shirts Available this year We are offering two styles pictured below. The T-Shirt is $16 and the Polo is $35. These are available by pre-order. Please place your order by Nov. 9th. Contact Director Rick Harrelson via phone at (414) 477-6565 or by email igborick@aol.com to place your order.

NEW - Bar Shuttle

On Saturday, November 26, 2016, there will be a shuttle provided to sponsor bars around town. The shuttle will begin leaving the DoubleTree By Hilton immediately following the banquet.

Holiday Invitational Tournament History

by Rick Steiner

This year marks the 37th Holiday Invitational Tournament [H.I.T.] for Milwaukee, the oldest LGBT international bowling tournament. Plans have been made to assure that this year’s tournament continues our tradition of offering our participants a truly memorable event. Following is a brief history of LGBT bowling in Milwaukee and H.I.T. The first LGBT bowling league was the Sunday Mixed Handicap League. It was formed by Ken Kurtz (then manager of the Finale Bar) and the staff of the Beer Garden (a women’s bar). The league consisted of 8 five-person teams, and they bowled every other Sunday and Landmark Lanes. While this league has since folded it was the catalyst that started many other leagues. In 1976 another league was formed on Monday nights (Monday Night Irregulars). The Monday night league was formed to accommodate all those who wanted to bowl on a weekly basis. Other leagues followed, the Best League on alternating Sunday nights, the Friday Night Scratch League (that later became a handicap league before folding), the Wednesday night Goodtime Bowling League and the Spring H.I.T. League (a summer league) which bowled until this year on Tuesday before switching to Monday night. All these leagues were started at and bowled at Landmark Lanes before folding or moving to a different house. The leagues still in existence at this time are the Monday Night Irregulars now bowling at AMF West Allis, the Best Bowling League and Spring H.I.T. League that currently call Classic Lanes (Layton Avenue) their home. In 1978, a group consisting of Ken Kurtz, David Theiss, Dick Krekowski and Carol Pecor got together at David’s house to discuss plans to organize a national bowling tournament. The first tournament held in 1979 was small and had only local participants. Through gay softball contacts were made with individuals in other cities that also had LGBT bowling leagues. The second year saw bowlers from Chicago, Minneapolis, Toronto, Houston, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. And we have welcomed back bowlers from these as well as other cites from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia in subsequent years. We are proud of the tradition that we have set and our involvement in creating the International Gay Bowling Organization [I.G.B.O.]. In addition to the many I.G.B.O. Midyear Meetings we have hosted during H.I.T., Milwaukee was also the site of the I.G.B.O. Annual Meeting and Tournament in 2005. This year’s tournament will once again be held over the Thanksgiving Weekend, November 28th through November 30th. We look forward to once again showing our bowlers a great time in Milwaukee and look forward to our communities support. H.I.T. is looking for a sponsor for the awards this year. Sponsorship will include a full page ad in our Souvenir Booklet as well as branding on the award itself. For more information on how you can become a sponsor please contact the Director of H.I.T., Rick Harrelson at igborick@aol.com or call 414-477-6565.